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minisystem / madingley / noise factory

Minisystem aka Jeff Lee, obsessive analog synth collector releases his debut album Madingley, named after a farm he grew up on in Ontario, Canada. He currently resides in Toronto, awaiting for the day he can return back to the farm, this desire is comparable to the emotions he delivers in his music. Each track is a gorgeous, euphoric, melodic expression that triggers feelings of nostalgia and longing for something else. Like a good romance novel, he serves up emotionally satisfying warm sentimental gems without making them cliched. Minisystem has created his own unique version of beautiful melodic idm. This is truly a fantastic first release. Highly Recommended. Catch his CD release party this November.
what about me? mp3
summer t.o. mp3

dntel / rock my boat (feat. mia doi todd) mp3

luomo / really don't mind mp3

luomo / paper tigers mp3

bonnie prince billy / lay and love mp3
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Check out San Zhi, the abandoned city in Taiwan.

Seattle, Washington / September 14 - 17, 2006

Vancouver, British Columbia / September 19 - 24, 2006

I'll be away for the month of September, attending the above two festivals. Downloads, reviews and pictures will return in October.